Colors of The Valley Of Butterflies


Colors of the Valley of Butterflies.
The Valley of Butterflies lies approximately 5 kilometers south east of the village of Theologos. Is a natural park and protected area by Natura 2000 . Every year, during August, thousands of butterflies of the species “Panaxia Quadripunctaria” overwhelm the valley in order to get reproduced. This species of butterfly is common in the Mediterranean, found also in Crete and other Greek islands as well. The combination of the valley’s climate, flora and the magnificent scent of the trees, creates the ultimate environment for the birth of a huge population of caterpillars. In the beginning of June they get transformed into strikingly beautiful butterflies. They fly during the night and they spend the whole summer into the cool, humid habitat of the valley. They get mated by the end of August and on September they fly away from the valley, sometimes for more than 20 km, to reposit their eggs among bushes and plants. Once eggs get deposited, the butterflies die.

The Valley of Butterflies is one of the most attractive and remarkable place to visit on the island, while visitors are allowed to enjoy the viewing of this gorgeous sight without disturbing the butterflies though. Please note that in case you may wish to book a private tour through our website, it is not necessary to follow the exact route of the proposed tour. You have the ability to change the order of the sites, to remove or add attractions, provided it does not exceed the time duration and distances that you have already booked. We are flexible to any changes that you may wish during your private tour. Our aim is your complete satisfaction. Please note that our drivers are all licensed tour drivers at your disposal in order to provide you with the best service.
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