Seven Springs : Romance and tranquility!


Seven Spring: Romance and tranquility!

Duration 3h-4h Seven Springs is generally considered as one of the most romantic sites on the island of Rhodes. It is located between “Colymbia” and “Archipolis” villages.The dazzling gorge has seven sparkling springs and a few rivers, which never run out of water, even during the summer season.
All of them form a lake, which was built by the Italians primarily to irrigate the plains of Colymbia.Apart from its romantic spots, visitors may also enjoy drinking the refreshing water of the springs. The lake can be easily reached by a mere five minutes walk. There are many beautiful walking paths nearby and one can walk along stately Pine trees. The Seven Springs are almost hidden by the thick woodlands. This particular area of Rhodes is ideal for picnics and there is also a cozy tavern where one can relax and taste the dishes of greek traditional food.

First time visitors would do well to undertake a walk down to the 1 km long tunnel, which leads to the shimmering lake. You have two options. One is by walking on the road above the tunnel and the other is by walking through the dark tunnel. It’s a magical experience you will definitely want to be a part of! Please note that in case you may wish to book a private tour through our website, you are not obligated to follow the exact route of showing the proposed tour. You have the ability to change the order of the sites, to remove or add attractions, provided it does not exceed the time duration and distances that you have already booked. We are flexible to any changes that you may wish during your private tour, our aim is your complete satisfaction. Please note that our drivers are all licensed tour drivers at your disposal in order to provide you with the best service.

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